Celebrating 100 years: 1921- 2021

November 10, 2013

Posted on November 10, 2013, Pastor: Rev. Stephen Wendeldt

On November 10th, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church welcomed Rev. Stephen Wendelt.  Wendelt taught us about how our rules are not always God’s rules.

God wants us to live under his rules, under his domain, under his way, under his command, under his grace, under his prophecy, under his world, under his word. Right? That’s what he wants and we’re gone oooo that is so hard! I will just not today, any other changes, just not today. I got stuff to do. We just push back against that, and God says look what I have for you. A sure sign of that is why is it that God wants our lives to change? Well because God loves us of course.


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