Celebrating 100 years: 1921- 2021

Sunday Mass Online

19 Dec 2021 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am
sunday online mass
Place : www.standrewslamesa.org
Phone : 6194607272
Email : office@standrewslamesa.org

The Main Bulletin (Most Recent Update: Use For Advent 2021): This part will no longer change from week to week,  print it once and reuse it for following Sundays until there is an update. For those joining us in church, you may keep your copy or leave it in the back of the church as you exit and it will be reused the following week if it is in good condition. The Main Bulletin will be updated as  pieces of our Mass change.

The Weekly Insert is a two page document and it includes the weekly Hymns, Readings and Gospel. This is now what you will print on a weekly basis when joining us from home.

Get The Main Bulletin (Revised for Advent 2021)

Get The Weekly Insert (Print Weekly)

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