Celebrating 100 years: 1921- 2021

Sunday Mass in St. Andrew’s

13 Jun 2021 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am

St. Andrew’s will be providing Sunday Mass inside of our church. All of our services will continue to be broadcast online for those who wish to maintain their physical distancing by joining us from home.


Updated May 2021

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Guidelines and Protocols for Worship On-Site

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Andrews will offer in person, on-site services in a modified format. This format addresses safety concerns for both parishioners and those conducting worship services including the clergy, members of the music ministry and other assisting lay persons in various roles.

The first phase of the resumption of on-site public worship will be the offering of a single outdoor service to be held on the Day School grounds or church courtyard.  The second phase will be the resumption of a single indoor service to be held in the church. The third phase will be the resumption of services at both 8AM and 10 AM. The transition from one phase to the next will be determined by ongoing evaluations of both the effectiveness of the guidelines and protocols put in place to keep individuals safe and healthy, and also the adherence of them by all.

Current Phase: Phase 2

May 2021 – Until Further Notice


10:00am in St. Andrew’s Church

Location of services:

Inside the church utilizing alternate pews for seating. There is plenty of space, please sit where you feel most comfortable. If you arrive at the service after it starts, you will need to be seated at the back of the church. We appreciate your understanding.

Prior to the Service:

Parishioners not feeling well before coming to church need to stay home to care for themselves and protect others

Everyone will be expected to wear a mask upon leaving their vehicle and during the service except while taking communion. Additional masks will be provided by the church at no cost for those who need them.

Parishioners will be asked to practice hand washing prior to coming to church. Upon entry to the church parishioners will be asked to practice hand hygiene using had sanitizer which will be made available. Hand sanitizer will also be available in the narthex and frequent use is encouraged such as prior and after receiving Communion and prior to leaving at the end of the service

The church doors will be opened 30 minutes prior to the start of service. Parishioners are to remain in their cars until that time.   The Service will not start until everyone is seated.

Ushers will lead parishioners to the pews so that social distancing can be maintained. Once seated, parishioners are to remain there for the entire service, except for to receive Communion.  Rows will be blocked off so that alternate pews will be used.

The Collection Plate will be placed at the back of the church so that upon entering offerings may be deposited in the plate.

Doors and windows in the church will be left open during the services to increase fresh air flow. Parishioners will enter and exit through the front doors of the church only.

During the Service:

The choir and singing hymns will not return as part of our services until we reach phase 3. We expect this to take place sometime in the summer of 2021.

Godly play will not be available for children at this time. Children will remain with their families throughout the service. The cry room will be reopened for parents in May of 2021.

St. Peter’s Chapel will remain closed until we reach phase 3.

A single person will read all appropriate readings for the day.

Communion will be limited to receiving the Host only. Starting in May of 2021, you will once again come forward for Communion which will be received at the front of the pews. Instructions will be given as to where Communion will be administered as well as guidance for maintaining social distancing while moving from and back to the pew.

After the Service:

Coffee Hour and fellowship will resume at St. Andrew’s in May of 2021 with our first gathering scheduled for Mother’s Day. We ask that you continue to wear masks on the property if you are not eating or drinking.

The Parish Hall restrooms will be reopened in May of 2021. We continue to strongly encourage you to use the restroom at home prior to coming to church to limit your exposure to others in close proximities. The rest rooms in the office will remain closed to limit unnecessary traffic in our working spaces.

Only the Church and Parish Hall are open. The offices, sacristies, choir room and office restrooms remain closed on Sunday’s to limit unnecessary traffic.

Please note:

As national, state, and local health department recommendations are modified, the practices will be modified to be in concert with those recommendations.