Celebrating 100 years: 1921- 2021

Sunday Mass on the Courtyard

15 Nov 2020 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Please note that we are moving our Sunday Service to the Courtyard at 10am starting Sunday, November 14th.


St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Guidelines and Protocols for Outdoor Worship

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic St. Andrews will offer in person, on-site services in a modified format. This format addresses safety concerns for both parishioners and those conducting worship services including the clergy, members of the music ministry and other assisting lay persons in various roles.

Phase 1

Location of services: The Courtyard of St. Andrew’s

This location provides sufficient space for social distancing, as well as shaded areas.

Prior to the Service:

Parishioners not feeling well before coming to church need to stay home to care for themselves and protect others. Everyone will have their temperature taken, before entering the grounds with a thermal non-contact thermometer. Anyone who presents with a fever will be asked to return home and seek medical attention as may be necessary. Everyone will be expected to wear a mask upon leaving their vehicle and during the service except while taking communion. Additional masks will be provided by the church at no cost for those who need them.
Parishioners will be asked to practice hand washing prior to coming to church. Upon entry to the playground parishioners will be asked to practice hand hygiene using had sanitizer which will be made available. Hand sanitizer will also be available in the worship area and frequent use is encouraged such as prior to and after receiving Communion and prior to leaving at the end of worship.

During the Service:

The collection plate will be placed in an obvious place near the worship area where offerings can be deposited. During the service, parishioners will only leave their chair for Communion. Godly play will not be available for children at this time. Children will remain with their families throughout the service. A single person will read all the appropriate readings for the day. Communion will be limited to receiving the Host only. Instruction will be given to parishioners as to where Communion will be administered as well as guidance for maintaining safe social distancing when moving from and back to your seat.

After the Service:

At the conclusion of the service, ushers will cue each row when to leave the courtyard, this will assure an orderly departure while maintaining social distancing. There will be no formal fellowship gatherings, such as Coffee Hour, until at least Phase 3. If parishioners wish to speak to others, a minimum 6 feet distance must be maintained. Parishioners will be reminded to watch out for others as they return to their vehicles. All accessed surfaces will be disinfected after each service.

Please note:

The Church, Parish Hall and offices will remain closed. Only the Day School grounds will be opened for services. There will be no restrooms available. Parishioners are strongly encouraged to plan accordingly prior to arriving.