Celebrating 100 years: 1921- 2021

Easter Livestream

17 Apr 2022 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Place : St. Andrew's Church, 4816 Glen Street
Phone : 6194607272
Email : office@standrewslamesa.org

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Easter Lilies

The Easter lilies decorating the church and altar were donated by:

Ann Marie Glaeser
in honor of her husband George.
Al & Cathy Salmon
in thanksgiving for family and friends.
Mary Hargraves
in honor of Steven Hargraves.
The Garcia family
in honor of loved ones past.
Jan Nottenbaum
in loving remembrance of Lee.
David Cheney & Judy Messer
for all of their family gone too soon and missed.
Gen & Jerry Clapp
in thanksgiving for God’s blessings.
Patty & Charlie Peterson
in thanksgiving for their children and grandchildren.
Jose & Donna Morales
in thanksgiving for friends.
Kathryn Bunch
to the glory of the risen Lord.
Eric & Carol Buckenmeyer
in thanksgiving.
Mary Ann Saget
in thanksgiving to God for the healing of Harrison and to all of the wonderful people
who prayed for him.