Celebrating 100 years: 1921- 2021

Welcome Cathy Salmon!

cathy_smallOnce upon a time there was a lovely lady at St. Andrew’s named Julie Swineheart. She served on the Vestry with Harlie Waggener on the Inreach Ministry. God called Julie to go live in Kansas, leaving most of us with aching hearts for both Julie & her dog, Santana. Back in the real world, Harlie shattered her wrist. Along came the annual church picnic which requires a trip to Costco. Cathy Salmon couldn’t imagine that Harlie could shop with one hand. So, she offered to go along to Costco to do the lifting.
Guess what happened after that. Cathy found herself appointed to fill Julie’s position on the Vestry until it is time to elect new Vestry members after January. Cathy has been to one Vestry meeting so far and is happy to report that it was an uplifting experience for the most part. One thing Cathy has to say is that anyone who is involved in Inreach needs a strong young man to help deliver many heavy items to and from the park. Many thanks to Jonathan Waggener for your hard work as well as to Humberto Garcia and George Harper for barbecuing all those delicious hamburgers and hotdogs. We were all blessed.
Let’s see if Cathy is still in the Vestry Honeymoon period.

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