Celebrating 100 years: 1921- 2021


Altar Guild


Altar Guild is a team that prepares the church for weekly Sunday services as well as memorial services, baptisms, weddings, and confirmations.

Before our services, two members set the altar for the Eucharist, fill the candles, prepare the hymn boards, Altar and Gospel Books, clean the chapel, and tidy the Narthex. On Sunday, after the 8AM service, we change the altar for the 10AM service. Following this final service, we wash the holy vessels and linens, and close up the church.

We are responsible for polishing the candles and holy vessels so they sparkle for Easter and Christmas services. We’re also the folks who keep the candles burning evenly, take care of our priest’s vestments, and change the altar for each liturgical season.

Our ministry is a sacred one, and each of us believes it is a privilege. It is a quiet and contemplative time, and it allows us to connect with the Lord in a very unique way.

For more details on Altar Guild, please use the contact form below or contact the Church Office during business hours.