Blended Service 10am Sunday

Our 10:00 am service is a contemporary worship service that celebrates with modern music and a traditional gospel message. This is a comfortable service with praise music alongside a traditional Episcopal service including a lesson, sermon, and communion.

This worship service of Holy Eucharist is designed to be a blend of traditions ancient and contemporary, providing spiritual substance for both adults and children.

This service is dynamic and full of life, appealing to both the best of Anglican tradition and the best of new movement of the Holy Spirit in a contemporary setting. These elements and order for worship are consistent with the Order for Communion from the Book of Common Prayer.

Our congregation is actively involved in the worship with highly interactive prayers, a children’s sermon and adult reflection, and a large number of people directly participating in leadership roles each service. The music is a combination of traditional Episcopal hymns and contemporary Christian songs, led by a band and our church choir.

Saint Andrew's Sermons


“Filled with the Fullness of God”

Posted on Jul 28 2015, Pastor: Ronnie Short

“Killing Hostility”

Posted on Jul 20 2015, Pastor: Mac Nibbs

“I Want You”

Posted on Jul 14 2015, Pastor: Father Tim

“Your Mission”

Posted on Jul 14 2015, Pastor: Father Tim

“By What Authority?”

Posted on Jun 29 2015, Pastor: Mac Nibbs

“Against All Odds”

Posted on Jun 22 2015, Pastor: Father Tim

“In God We Trust”

Posted on Jun 22 2015, Pastor: Father Tim

“Fully Exposed”

Posted on Jun 09 2015, Pastor: Father Tim